Are you a man of integrity?

October 16, 2013

Integrity is something that holds high value in the world of men. In fact it is one of those things by which a man is weighed and measured when it comes to respectability.

The dictionary defines the word as:Man of integrity

  1. An undivided or unbroken completeness or totality with nothing wanting.
  2. Moral soundness

The word stems from the Latin word “integer” which means whole or complete. So, are you a man of integrity?

Here are some characteristics the fall into the category of integrity:

  1. A sense of wholeness, feeling complete just as you are. This means that contrary to Tom Cruise’s words in Jerry Maguire, you don’t need anyone else to complete you, make you feel successful, morally sound, loved, happy or content. You only need to tap into that part of you that knows you are a complete, successful, wise and lovable human being.
  2. A desire to be totally honest with others and more importantly, with yourself. It’s common for people to go into denial about the things they don’t like about themselves, convincing themselves that someone else is to blame. Owning your weaknesses can be the very way you can turn them into strengths. Be honest with yourself in everything, but do it without malice.
  3. A belief or value system that allows responsibility and accountability for words and actions. Being accountable keeps you honest and respectable. Passing accountability off on someone else when things go awry does not come from a place of integrity.
  4. An ability to tap into your inner wisdom that leads you in a direction that is fueled by kindness, fairness and respect. (And yes, even love) A wise man is always impeccable with his word and his actions. When inner wisdom is the driving force behind words and actions, the outcome is always good.
  5. The self-reflection that allows for change when it is necessary to create a peaceful, respectful environment. If you’re feeling angry about something, take some time to reflect on what is charging that anger. Is there fear, guilt or shame? Use honesty to get to the core issue so that you can change it and face whatever the conflict is from a heart-centered perspective.
  6. The use of Power rather than Force to precipitate changes for the better. Power comes from the knowledge that you are doing the kind and loving thing for everyone involved. Force is charged with anger, control and selfishness. It’s important to know the difference between the two. Even in your business life – especially in your business life.

Being a man of integrity means coming from a deeper place than the mind. The mind is ruled by the ego and the ego has no base in truth, in fact it bases its whole existence on creating stories that instigate suffering. But the inner wisdom that comes from who you really are and from living a heart-centered life is where integrity lives.

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