Happy, Healthy Kids Come from Happy Healthy Parents

March 25, 2015

Couple giving two young children piggyback rides smiling

A parent’s biggest desire is for their children to be happy, healthy and well-adjusted. They spend their lives working hard to make it a reality. They only want what’s best for their children and all their decisions about them are based on this fact.

Children are very intuitive and perceptive and they can sense the truth in any situation. They can see past the smiling and assurances that things are fine and know when there is something amiss or not quite right. They feel your tension when you are stressed and will pick up on it, perhaps even taking the stress on themselves. And they won’t know how to deal with it unless you show them.

Being a healthy, happy, well-adjusted parent is the best way to raise healthy, happy, well-adjusted children. Parents are a child’s first and most important role model and the best method of teaching them how to be in life is by example.

Here are five ways to raise happy, healthy children:

  1. Give your children a voice. Let them express how they feel without judgment so they can learn to address their issues in a healthy way and know that what they have to say is of value.
  2. Be aware of how you interact with your partner (or ex-partner). Have compassion, clarity and be open to hear what they have to say so that conflict can be resolved in a healthy way. Your children will learn how to function in a relationship when the time comes.
  3. Allow them to make choices when it comes to which activities they want to be involved in or how they want to handle different situations in their lives. When a child is allowed to make their own choice and take the consequences good or bad, it develops their sense of responsibility and they make healthier choices. When you make choices for them it can cause resentment.
  4. Inspire your children before the fact rather than punish them afterwards. Show them the way by taking care of your own stresses and issues in a healthy way. Support them in what they do and let them do it themselves. This can build their self-worth far more effectively than any words you could say.
  5. Create a safe place for your children to be all that they are without judgment or criticism. Let them know that they don’t have to be afraid to share anything with you because they will not be judged. Have compassion, understanding and kindness.

If a parent takes care of themselves in mind, body and spirit, their children will see this and realize it is worthwhile to do so for themselves. Lead by example.

Happy Parenting!

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