How to Get Real

April 9, 2015

Get Real

Being a man isn’t about putting up a brave front. Nor is it about being able to cry. It’s about being real – letting yourself be whatever your gut tells you to be in any given moment. There are no rules for being a man other than being authentic.

But what does that mean? Be yourself, get real, be authentic. We hear this all the time these days and yet how many of us really know how to be it. It’s actually a lot simpler than we think.

There are two sides to each of us – the ego and Loving Presence.

The ego belongs to the very human side of us and does not look after our best interests. It puts on airs, pretends to be whatever we think others want us to be and, if we listen to it, will keep us in a perpetual state of suffering. It promises peace, love and happiness in all the things that don’t contain it. In fact, it promises what it can’t deliver. It speaks first, loudest and is always wrong.

And yet if we wait and listen carefully, beyond the screaming of the ego, we will hear the sweet whisper of Loving Presence, our true self, the foundation of who we are. It is the voice of Love that quietly reminds you where to look for all that you desire. It leads you to the abundance of love, peace, kindness, understanding, wisdom, grace and ultimately an amazing feeling of contentment. And it is from this place that you speak and act truly authentically.

The concept is simple, yes, but it isn’t always easy to live from that place. It takes practice, awareness, honesty and a willingness to sit in the stillness where Loving Presence can be heard, a place I call The Gap. And you can find that Gap in any situation with just a breath. It can be done with practice and the desire to let go of the suffering that is offered by the ego and embrace the peace of your true self.

If I stood before you with a beautiful jewel or a hot burning coal, which would you choose to hold in your hand? Loving Presence offers you the beauty of the jewel. Ego offers the pain of a burning coal. And yet time after time we choose the hot coal and then wonder why we are in pain.

It takes great courage to stand in the stillness and choose love. It requires a strength that we are all capable of finding within us to choose to be authentic, a human manifestation of your true Divine self.

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With love and kindness


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