Force or Power – Which do you choose?

January 15, 2014

Force or power

The feeling of being powerful is something that most men are looking for in their lives. It lends itself to making them feel admired, respected, successful and self-sufficient.

Knowing your own power is a very positive aspect of being a self-made made and one of substance and depth.

I’ve always believed that one of our greatest shortcomings as humans is that we don’t recognize our greatness and it is this recognition that allows us to feel empowered.

So now that you know that power is the thing that you are looking for, it’s important not to get it confused with force. Power is what comes from the true self, the ability to know love, respect, compassion, strength kindness, leadership and courage from with yourself. Force, on the other hand, is very much ego driven. It is fueled by neediness, greed, anger, control and fear. When there is a push behind your words or actions, this is force. When you speak with ease and there is a flow to everything you do, it is an indication that power is behind it.

In their descriptions, Power and Force sound very different but in the day to day unawareness that is life, it is possible to be engaging in forceful behavior while not even realizing it. And the worst things is that even though you think it does, it does not empower you.

Here are a five steps to ensuring that you live from your most powerful self:

  1. The Golden Rule – treat others as you would like to be treated (even if you’re not being treated that way). If you are feeling angry and cannot do so in the moment, walk away and come back after you’ve cleared your head. You will be amazed at how empowered you feel when you are kind.
  2. Listen to yourself – This is not something most people do but it is important to hear what you are saying and how you say it. When you begin to pay attention to your conversation you become aware of how it sounds to others. Once you’ve mastered this you can hear what you’re about to say so that you can shift your perspective to a more loving one.
  3. Pay attention to your motives. Why are you behaving in a particular way? How are you feeling or what is the feeling you are looking for in this situation? Will the experience actually give you a quick fix (satisfaction) or will the results be lasting (peace)?
  4. Forgiveness – remember that everyone has their own story. Whatever they have said or done is driven by how they are feeling and has nothing to do with you no matter how much you think it does. If you believe it does, it’s time to forgive the other person for saying it and yourself for believing it was true.
  5. Practice compassion – be compassionate and understanding with everyone, including yourself. Take the time to find out what is behind someone’s actions so that you can understand where they are coming from without jumping to conclusions or judging. It also works when you do this with yourself as well.

Remember that Power comes from the loving presence that is your true self and Force comes from a neediness to fill a void.

Be in your Power and you will see your life change.

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