Products and Services

3 Hour Intensive $357

So you’ve got one specific issue that you believe is holding you back.

It’s one small thing but right now it seems insurmountable and although you’ve tried to move past it you’re still stuck.

The small issues turn into big problems when you get stuck and most times all you need is to gain some perspective, take a look at the back story and work your way to the other side.

This is when a three-hour intensive can help.

One issue – three hours – Your life is back on track.


30 Days to Deeper Meaning – $657

Sometimes you’re on the right track, have read the books but would like some one-on-one personal assistance learning how to apply the concepts to daily life. You want to find deeper meaning, let go of aggression and start living a life that is fulfilling and makes you happy.

This option is the one for you and includes:

  1. 4 one hour one-on-one sessions (in person or via phone or Skype)
  2. Email access for 30 days for questions, issues and concerns
  3. Daily Reflections for 30 days.


The Wise Man’s Way – 8 week program $1257

Are you just starting out on the road to transforming your life and unsure where to begin? This 8 week program will give you a good foundation and teach you the skills and tools you can use in your daily life.

This program includes:

  1. 8 one hour individual sessions (in person or via phone or Skype)
  2. Weekly exercises
  3. Email access to address any concerns or issues between sessions
  4. Daily Reflections to keep you moving in the right direction for the 8 week period.


The Payoff

What you get from these programs is not something you can experience with the five senses. It is something intangible, something that goes beyond worldly possessions and is far more fulfilling than a new car, a better house or a bigger paycheck. What you will get is:

  • A strong sense of who you are
  • The courage to face any conflict with truth and a strong voice
  • A depth of intimacy with your partner that you haven’t known before
  • A freedom from whatever your fears are (loss of job, money, relationship, etc.)
  • Letting go of driving ambition and finding abundance through deeper meaning
  • An ability to experience life to the fullest, each moment being vibrant, dynamic and fully present

If any of these sound appealing to you and you are not feeling them now, then one of these programs is for you.