The return of the Gentleman

January 24, 2014

Heart-centered living

When I tell people that I teach heart-centered living to the modern urban man it most often piques their interest and they ask for a more detailed explanation. I always give an effective, well-thought out description that helps them to understand what it is I am offering to men.

But most recently a word that has come to mind and been very persistent in garnering my attention is Gentleman. The word itself is not new or even trendy and yet it fits so perfectly into the description of the work I do that I cannot ignore it.

It’s a compound word that when broken down has such great meaning – Gentle Man.

Most men would be flattered to be called a gentleman. It is great praise, a compliment and says a lot about the man’s character. It exudes power and inspiration and it is definitely the definition of a man who lives from his heart.

Here are 10 characteristics of a gentleman:

  1. A gentleman isn’t afraid to give another person the space to express themselves while listening mindfully and with genuine interest.
  2. A gentleman can allow tears to flow without fear of losing his masculinity or the respect of others.
  3. A gentleman will open doors, pay for dinner and stand up when a woman enters a room, not because she is less than him or the gentler sex but because he respects her even when she insists that she can open the door herself.
  4. A gentleman wants to feel wanted and needed even if his partner is quite capable of looking after themselves.
  5. A gentleman will not be concerned about being better or the best in comparison to others but more concerned about being better than he was yesterday and knowing he always does his personal best.
  6. A gentleman is not forceful or controlling but is empowered and empowers others through acceptance and openness.
  7. A gentleman can express his deepest feelings or vulnerability to his partner or his best friend without fear of being mocked.
  8. A gentleman can be strong and rugged or soft and caring with equal ease.
  9. A gentleman can stand before others with strong self-esteem, knowing who he is as a man and be totally comfortable with it.
  10. A gentleman is admired, respected and looked to for wisdom just because he is confident to be his authentic self.

Endearing, strong, caring, outspoken, compassionate, protective, sensitive, funny, loving, purposeful, gentle, rugged, poetic, matter-of-fact, engaging, commanding. These are all characteristic of the gentleman – gentle man. And all of these are executed with peace, generosity of spirit and equality of power.

So now when people ask me to explain further what I do, I’ll be adding, “I help men to rediscover the gentleman in themselves.”

Think about how you can rediscover the gentle man in you.

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