What it means for men to live a heart-centered life

August 31, 2013

For some men the idea of heart-centered living might seem like a foreign concept, one that suggests a softer, more feminine way of life.

But this way of living is not exclusive to women and is something that can prove to be quite beneficial to men, especially in relationships.

Now, if you’re thinking that it will take you away from everything that makes you a man, you couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact it will empower you as a man in ways you’ve never imagined, not to mention make you more attractive to the opposite sex.

So let’s talk about what heart-centered living for men looks like

  1. It means having the ability to feel empowered without disempowering (or overpowering others).
  2. Balance between your career and your family life becomes a higher priority than status.
  3. You become more aware of your gut instinct and understand its wisdom.
  4. Deeper meaning, integrity and honesty become more important than driving ambition.
  5. Caring for your family builds your relationships with them and is not merely a financial responsibility.
  6. You uncover a willingness to share your vulnerability with a trusted life-partner.
  7. The feeling of abundance replaces the chase for wealth, image, rank and success.
  8. Living in the present is a daily practice and worries about the future no longer fill your focus.
  9. The need to control disappears and allowing life to follow its natural course while learning to accept whatever comes your way when and if it happens.
  10. Heart-centered living is tapping in to the wisdom that leads you to what you’re passionate about, creating relationships that are more intimate, loving and peaceful in a life where you can create whatever you desire.

As the world continues to change to a more heart-centered mindset in their daily living, more and more men are looking for a way to keep up with the changing times and their impulse to find more meaning, one that suits who they are as they move through the different stages of their lives.

The wisdom of heart-centered living meets so many of their needs that it makes sense for them to look for ways to incorporate it into their lifestyle.

As I meet and work with men in teaching them how to share more of themselves in relationship and life, I am finding they are so ready for the change. And their partners are supporting them one hundred percent as it deepens relationships in amazing ways.

Heart-centered living is not about giving up your masculinity – it’s about finding a better way to express it in your day to day life.

With love and kindness


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