What Wise Men Are Saying

I have been so fortunate to find Bettina and work with her over the last couple of years.  She brings a simple clarity and truth to our discussions.   Her love and passion for helping others is beautifully genuine and that makes working with her so easy.  She understands “the man’s” perspective of the world very well.  The growth that I have experienced in my life has been tremendous and Bettina has been a key part of that.  She is an excellent coach and become a heart felt friend.

Martin Wilson – IT Professional


It is September 2013 as I sit and reflect on the past eight weeks.

A short period of time ago I started on a journey with my Soul Coach ( as I chose to call her ) Bettina Goodwin. I can honestly say that I had no idea where this journey was to take me. But I did know that there was a gap in my life.  Something was missing or some type of missing connection.  Bettina’s style and her way of bringing things that were  in me to the surface  was incredible,  how she had me look at things, how she guided me to understand and work on my emotions, fears, and anger that were all rooted in my belief system.

I cannot describe how grateful I am that I met her and what a pleasure it was to work with her. I feel  now that  it is only appropriate that it all started as the Soul Connection that lead me to The Wise Man’s Way.

Thank you Bettina.

 With Gratitude
Tom Ormerod – Business Owner (8 Week Program)


I went to Bettina when nothing else could work, nothing. I have had anxiety and panic attacks and pain in my chest.

With Bettina’s help I discovered my inner power. She combines life coaching, experiences and methods that offer a life changing experience. She doesn’t work only on attitude changing but she goes down deep to behavioral changing. She will make you face your own challenges and weaknesses and transform them into opportunities for self-growth. She will offer the way that suits your situation and will go with you step by step in a life changing journey. I wouldn’t be where I am today without her help.

 Marwan Al Chamaa – Business Owner (8 Week Program)


I must say, you do a great job in the meetings and provide real, practical examples where the rubber hits the road, so to speak—not just elevated, theoretical spirituality. The work you do is much needed since you bridge the Gurus with real people and their real day-to-day issues. I hope what I am saying is clear but you play a crucial role and I think it really helps to hear you and be in a group “live” with other people. This experiential environment helps to make it all stick.

Christian Solari  (Meetup attendee)


When I contacted Bettina, I was desperate for insight and direction to find a way out of the confusion and delusion I was experiencing.  In just a few sessions, Bettina was instrumental in assisting me to find my path home again.  She asked me the right questions with the right amount of compassion and understanding to guide me to what I needed to see…I gained insight and self-knowledge in order to begin to overcome my suffering. Thank you Bettina!!

PJT (3 Hour Intensive)